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ONLY 13 FLOORS TO GO, and she and her coworkers would be safe.  They had begun their tenuous trek down the concrete stairwell of Tower One at the 64th floor.  They were so near their goal –  That’s when the building began to sway and the entire tower came crashing down on top of Genelle.  In a matter of seconds, she found herself buried alive – entombed in a coffin of concrete and steel.  Finally, after 23 hours and repeated attempts to break out of her tomb, her hand broke through the surface.

From the rubble: 9/11 survivor picks up pieces.  Genelle Guzman, The Last Person Rescued on 9/11 experienced a miracle after 27 hours.   Only one explanation really makes sense. . . If you believe in miracles, McMillan’s survival was just that – a miracle.

Genelle Guzman McMillan was born and raised with her nine siblings in the tropical Island of Trinidad and Tobago with immigrant grandparents of Veneuzela, she is a college graduate of the Island’s North Eastern College.  When she migrated to the United States in the late 90’s, seeking her big break in the spot light; then decided to make it her permanent place of residence in 2000.

Genelle's riveting story brings to life her 27 hour ordeal and rescue from under the debris of the 9/11 World Trade Center wreckage. Genelle, the last survivor to be pulled from Ground Zero, shares her miraculous experiences during those 27 long hours, and the immense richness of her life beyond it.

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